Letters to the Editor

A great impact

It is with mixed emotions that I consider the retirement of Dr. Julian Crocker. I am pleased he will be able to spend more time with his grandchildren and do some traveling, but the county will be losing probably the best superintendent who has ever served.

I was fortunate enough to be a trustee on the Paso Robles School Board that recruited Dr. Julian Crocker to be superintendent and move from Palo Alto to San Luis Obispo County. To say that he made a stupendous impact on our schools and the community would be an understatement.

Whether he was catching a snack in the kitchen cafeteria, walking the sidelines at a football game with a coach, visiting the chemistry lab or sitting on the floor reading to kindergartners, it was evident he loved those he worked with and for. His passion for public education is legendary, and his life has been spent making schools better. His sense of humor, his empathy and compassion for people, his love of children, his keen intellect and his genuine kindness were the hallmarks of his leadership. He will be missed.