Letters to the Editor

Private property

When I was very young, self-centered and stupid, my equally young, self-centered and stupid first-grade buddy and I, heading to school, would exit his backyard into an adjoining alley.

Because it was about a half block down the alley to the city street, we chose to take a shorter route through the yard of a neighbor whose property also bordered the alley. After a few days, that neighbor confronted us and explained in simple terms that even very young, self-centered and stupid children could understand that we were trespassing on his property and had no right or permission to do so. Thus ended our shortcut to school. No parent, teacher or “official” of any kind defended our right to trespass on another person’s private property.

What I’m saying here is: What could possibly make the California Coastal Commission defend the right of some young (or old), self-centered and stupid hikers to trespass on private property by citing some sort of “historical” BS? What part of “private property” do they not understand? I’m guessing that some Commission members and hikers have yet to exit that self-centered, stupid stage of life.