Letters to the Editor

Unstable plants

Jan. 19, I heard an important NPR news report, with vital information for all San Luis Obispo residents: “Tanaka, former number one Fukushima engineer reports nuclear plants inherently unstable” (aka unsafe).

Mitsuhiko Tanaka, the former top engineer for Hitachi, Ltd. at Fukushima, is quoted at a recent press conference in Taiwan in opposition to nuclear power. Chernobyl changed his personal and professional opinion, he said. Tanaka published a book in 1990 chronicling a cover up surrounding defects of reactor No. 4 at Fukushima. Hitachi and the Japanese government denied his allegations . He said these defects contributed significantly to three meltdowns at Fukushima that the world and its best scientists are still reeling from — “nuclear accidents are bound to happen someday, only we don’t know when they will happen.”

The message to San Luis Obispo residents, the NRC, and PG&E is clear: Close Diablo now, before it is too late. The only safe nuclear power plant is a closed one.