Letters to the Editor

Oil rail project is a win

I support the rail project at the Phillips 66 Refinery.

I work at the refinery, but I also live in Nipomo. I will retire next year after 32 years of service. I am not supporting the project because I need a job but because San Luis Obispo needs to keep high-paying jobs. The refinery is good for us, good for jobs and a great neighbor for 59 years. Without a constant supply of oil, Santa Maria Refinery will not be able to operate. With the unloading facilities, SMR could rail-car crude from San Ardo or Price Canyon or the Central Valley and keep the crude off our highways.

My family and I are the beneficiaries of the employment this refinery has provided to allow us a good living. This rail project is critical to the ongoing viability of Phillips 66 as one of the largest employers in this area, and it is critical to the economy of the Central Coast.

This is a win-win for future generations and San Luis Obispo County.

Your decision not only effects the 200 regular plant workers, but the trickle-down effect it will have on the local community, and that number could be in the thousands.