Letters to the Editor

Kindness in India

I am shocked and outraged by another report of a gang rape of a female tourist in India. However, I recently experienced an act of kindness while traveling in India with a woman friend.

Walking through a shopping area, a stray dog bit me deeply on the ankle. A curious male crowd gathered, surrounding my friend and me. An English-speaking man asked if my skin was broken and explained that we must immediately wash the wound and see a doctor. Within minutes my wound was washed with clean water and my friend and I were escorted into an auto rickshaw and driven to a public hospital, then a private hospital, both impossibly overcrowded. We finally reached a small clinic where a doctor offered medical services.

Two Indian gentlemen spent more than four hours with my friend and me. They took no compensation and stated that they believed you should welcome a tourist as part of the culture, and this will be rewarded by like treatment. Acts of kindness are possible.