Letters to the Editor

Still not covered

Well, here it is, Jan. 20, and I’m not feeling too covered. I did all of the right things and I’m still without health insurance.

I decided to do a paper application, because the computers were having glitches the first of November. I then received notice at the beginning of December that my paper application could not be processed and I had one week to get the application online.

I received a premium for the incorrect amount after Christmas, so I had to find out the correct amount and I sent a check Jan. 2. I haven’t heard anything since, until my insurance agent found out Jan. 17 that yes, they have my check, but they don’t have my application. I have been denied doctor visits and prescriptions unless I want to pay cash and then try to get reimbursed.

If I was the one who did everything right and couldn’t get covered, how is this system supposed to work?