Letters to the Editor

Students are unique

The industrialization of our state school programs has proven to be a sad disgrace, primarily due to the continued use of standardized tests that result in “teaching to the tests,” the poorest educational policy. This tragic system not only attempts to test students, but also to evaluate teacher performance, which undermines their respect and independence.

There is a lack of understanding about the fundamental truth: Students are unique individuals who have the capacity to learn and will learn if given the space and freedom to discover and create at their own speed.

The increase in school violence undoubtedly is connected with this emphasis on school standardization, which gives little thought to individual student differences.

Schools should be provided with a free learning experience that helps all students to discover the world, giving them tools to be creative and critical thinkers, and learning to work with one another, rather than becoming angry, frustrated, cynical people who hate school.

Education is the backbone of our country, or any country: a problem understood by the ancient Greeks as well as those in Philadelphia in 1787.