Letters to the Editor

What’s working

The front page of the Jan. 10 Tribune contained a story from The Sacramento Bee about the failure of the prison realignment plan, citing a survey from October 2011 to October 2012. It’s regrettable that there was no local sidebar describing the huge efforts being made in our county — efforts that began in 2012.

I hope The Tribune will assign a reporter to talk to the folks at Restorative Partners and the county Sheriff’s Office, so the public can be told that San Luis Obispo is making great progress in rehabilitating the jail inmates being returned to our community. This is happening with more than 100 volunteers, providing dozens of programs, at very little cost.

Yes, the Sheriff’s Office is building new facilities because of overcrowding here, but it is also shifting its focus to bring recidivism down dramatically, hiring staff and adding programs with the specific intent of rehabilitating those who return to our community. I also hope this follow-up story will be on the front page, where it belongs. Anyone who wants to help can simply go to restorative partners.org   for an idea of what’s working.