Letters to the Editor

Blind allegiance

The thrust of the Jan. 11 front page article in The Tribune, “Fury is now directed toward insurance firms,” is a naked and feeble attempt by leftist media outlets, the Los Angeles Times, your newspaper and others to redirect blame for the chaos in the nation’s health care system away from the President’s Obamacare law and place it on the health insurance industry.

The health insurance industry has been directed by the Obamacare law to implement the socialization of one-sixth of the nation’s economy under rules that are in a constant state of flux because of ongoing constitutionally questionable modifications to the law by President Obama. These modifications provide lead times for the health insurers of a few days or weeks to achieve expected perfection whereas the Obamacare website, with a lead time of three years, was a disaster.

Your paper’s blind allegiance to everything President Barack Obama does or doesn’t do as he moves our country toward socialism is astonishing. What happened to objective journalism?