Letters to the Editor

Bitter narrative

Friday is a real drag for me. First, I have to hold my nose and read Charles Krauthammer’s distortions, and today I had to read the diatribe by Mr. Richard Ferris. Reminds me of a music box that plays the same tune over and over.

First of all, Mr. Paul Krugman won the Nobel prize in economics. Secondly, unemployment insurance does not pay people for not working. It is an insurance program paid for by people who are working. In bad times, the program wards off starvation, and people are required to be seeking employment. Thirdly, health insurance is not free. We all pay into it.

As to the rest of this bitter narrative, there is not one word about possible solutions. For those of us who are old enough to remember, I think it was Ronald Reagan who gave away surplus cheese, and people lined up for blocks. The right wing is indeed “enemies of the poor.” A classic example of the “let them eat cake” philosophy.