Letters to the Editor

Treasured trail

Montaña de Oro’s Bluff Trail is a treasure that tourists and locals have enjoyed for years. I am very concerned about the new Bluff Trail “facelift.”

The renovated trail is extremely wide and looks like it is designed for vehicular traffic, not to be handicap-accessible. In addition to being an eyesore, the slope of the “trail” seems steeper than it was before, making it difficult to push a wheelchair or for a little kid to ride a bike. There is a new road branching off the old trail leading up to Pecho Road near Coon Creek. This is replacing a very narrow trail. This new road is very steep, and I do not see little kids on bikes or people pushing wheelchairs able to navigate it easily. Is this the Bluff Trail access road? Are people going to be able to drive down to that section of the trail right by the ocean and park? Are they going to allow vehicles with handicapped stickers on the trail?

I encourage everyone who loves Montaña de Oro to go out and see what is happening.