Letters to the Editor

Krugman the shill

There have been many subjects and letters that I have wanted to respond to lately, but I have refrained from reply out of frustration and the inability to address just one subject in the limited space allowed, but today’s commentary by Paul Krugman could not be ignored.

The fact that any newspaper, even the liberal Tribune, gives space for this guy and his partisan and extreme ideologically liberal lies, distortions and vile comments, is despicable. It is obvious that this shill for the Democratic party is ramping up his hatred for the GOP by the new liberal talking points that only the Democrats care about the poor, and “Republicans are enemies of the poor.” Nothing could be further from the truth — the Republicans want the poor to get out of poverty by jobs and everyone doing better. The Democrats think throwing more and more money at the problem is the answer, and that has been proven wrong after 50 years and trillions of dollars later.

If I had the space available that Paul Krugman had to tell all his lies, I could answer all his lies with facts that prove him wrong.