Letters to the Editor

Diablo should be done

Regarding Kenneth Goodman’s rant against Mothers for Peace (“Why shut it down?”, Jan. 6):

I care less if you don’t support “your Mothers for Peace.” The angels involved in protecting all of us for decades are used to ignorance and deception. The dedicated and devoted have more sense than to argue over the real need for fear. The deadly waste has been there without incident how long?

Fukushima was not an incident. It is a horrific tragedy that continues unchecked to poison everything. Those people don’t have the option to retire to a cave. The water is polluted and their cost for the electricity is to say “lesson learned.”

Diablo has had its run — it’s done. It is not safe, has never been safe, so fear is reality unless you stand on a cloud.

Mothers for Peace deserves great thanks and appreciation. The attempt to belittle them is to belittle all of us who know safe is moment to moment and can change with an extra sonar blast.

I am grateful for the Mothers for Peace every day.