Letters to the Editor

Travel responsibly

May I be permitted to say a few words in defense of the bicycle riders in our community.

Please don’t tar them all with the same brush, as I have encountered many who wave thanks as I pass, those who have lights on their cycles and who give hand signals (do you remember hand signals?) when they turn.

My grandmother would tell me, “Remember, Jimmy: What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” The gander in this situation being the motor vehicle drivers. Where is the outrage when you are being tailgated going the legal limit in the slow lane and subject to obnoxious blasts of the horn, the driver that won’t let you enter the freeway when the fast lane is clear for him, the irresponsible motorcycle rider that squeezes between you and the car beside you in excess of 65 mph with scarce inches of clearance? Yes, I know they and others have rights, but with rights come responsibility. Yes, you can be right — dead right.