Letters to the Editor

Oil, jobs and safety

The letter “Dangerous Cargo” (Jan. 10) recounted “an entire town of 6,000 in Quebec was incinerated by a train of Bakken crude coming from North Dakota.”

Not meaning to diminish the severity of the disaster, a review of the facts revealed that 47 people died and approximately 30 buildings were destroyed in the explosion and resulting fire. Certainly, the Quebec town was not “wiped from the face of the earth.” The letter further envisions a similar disaster in SLO caused by a train carrying the volatile Bakken crude.

Fearmongering never benefits anyone. What would benefit millions of people and the economy would be building the Keystone Pipeline. Keystone, which has been rejected by the Obama administration, would run from Canada to oil facilities in Oklahoma and would transport crude oil from Canada and from the Bakken oil fields to refineries in the United States. Because the pipeline is projected to transport 83,000 barrels of crude per day, its construction would substantially reduce the amount of crude transported by train and truck.

Obama said recently “Good jobs: that is where I am going to focus my energies.” Really? The construction of Keystone would create thousands of good jobs and improve highway and rail safety.