Letters to the Editor

Clueless Krugman

Paul Krugman’s “Republicans are enemies of the poor” piece (Jan. 14) was a study in cluelessness.

From his Manhattan apartment, Krugman’s view of the world is indeed rosy. He can’t believe paying someone not to work reduces the incentive to work (not his friends). He thinks that free health insurance is the same as free first-class health care (not the health system Krugman uses). He thinks keeping the poor in urban plantations to harvest their votes helps the poor. Trillions spent on the poor and no improvement. He thinks that what Washington pays for does not cost the states or the taxpayers, because the government can just print money. He doesn’t care that the debasement of our currency destroys the purchasing power of the poor more than government aid helps.

If you want a permanent underclass of poor people, give them free food, continue subsidizing their single-parent families, continue paying for their housing and continue under-educating them as the Democrats have been doing since 1900. The real enemies of the poor are the Democrats, who intentionally make the poor comfortable in poverty so to best harvest their votes.