Letters to the Editor

No story there

So, Ralph Bush wants to know why there were no news stories on a trial for the IRS scandal, removal of Eric Holder or “dereliction of duty” in the Benghazi affair? No, Mr. Bush, you did not miss coverage on Lois Lerner and the “assault” on the Tea Party or anyone. You see, there was no story there. The proof was not there. The Republican media machine was making wild accusations without any proof.

As for the attorney general, all the alleged malfeasance was just that — all hyperbole. And the same goes for Benghazi. The only story was that so much of it was made up by right-leaning publicists feeding wrong information to CBS News. You undoubtedly missed that story, too.

Republican extremists are so doggedly trying to make the current administration look bad, that the American public is finally becoming aware of their lies and dirty tricks.