Letters to the Editor

Paranoid Hanson

Regarding “Is China copying the old imperial Japan” (Jan. 9) by Victor Davis Hanson:

The history of the recent growth of both Japan and China is fascinating. Hanson, as always, filters these historical facts through his right-wing demented, paranoid paradigm. He never hesitates to throw in his negative opinion or “commentary,” especially when that history has taken place under the Obama administration. What, or how, is he contributing to civil public debate on important state, national or world affairs?

Last year, he let us all know of the dire decline of California. Is he a native Californian? Sure, we have ongoing issues. Is this constructive criticism? We currently have a very competent governor that is doing great things. I suggest that he might consider moving to a state where he may feel more at home, like Idaho or North Carolina.

Please tell your readers why his commentary, opinion and photo are worthy of nearly one square foot of news print. If we weren’t being charged for this waste of scarce natural resources, I would remain quiet. It’s really a treat when you give us both Hanson and Charles Krauthammer on the same day.