Letters to the Editor

Recall reasons

Regarding Barry Branin’s Jan. 2 letter: Shooting the messenger? Surely you can’t believe that? Jamie Irons is being recalled because he terminated two outstanding Morro Bay city leaders, ignored previous council’s work, ignored the California Coastal Commission’s advice to withdraw the sewer plant permit and insisted on a denial of that permit.

The current Coastal Commission approved very similar sewer plants in Crescent City and Goleta. Irons’ request for denial and the apparent lobbying effort of John Diodati to postpone the Morro Bay hearing until after the new council took office prevented the old council presenting their argument for the rebuild of the present plant. Both of the Goleta and Crescent City plants are actually on the beach. So why would we think they would deny our plant? A withdrawal of the permit would have left the door open to reinstate the permit when Irons’ guess of the $40 million cost of his plant turned out to be nearly a million dollars low. That is the reason Irons is the target of the recall.