Letters to the Editor

Impressive fireworks

I am writing to express my thanks to the sponsor of the stupendous fireworks display in downtown Paso Robles on New Year’s Eve. I observed it from my second-story bedroom window.

It started promptly at midnight, and went only 10 minutes, but in that short time, I saw one of the most spectacular fireworks shows ever. Starting with a huge cascade of big, exploding shells, it tapered to a steady barrage of big, colorful bursts for several minutes, then climaxed with a surging finale, with huge exploding blossoms of brilliant color erupting within other exploding blossoms amid the rolling thunder that accompanied this spectacular show. The president in Washington, D.C., couldn’t have seen a more impressive display of fireworks.

Once again, thank you, whoever you are, for bringing 2014 in, literally, with a big, colorful “bang” here in Paso Robles. Editor’s note: The fireworks display was part of a yearlong celebration of the city’s 125th anniversary. For a complete list of events and sponsors, go to http://www.prcity.com/125.