Letters to the Editor

Eroding freedom

The ignorance displayed by Jerry Chirpich (“Fear tactics,” Jan. 8) in his attack on Gary J. Freiberg’s criticism of surveillance of Americans would be laughable were it not so tragic. In trotting out the old line about, “If you have nothing to hide, who cares who listens?” Mr. Chirpich is, probably unknowingly, cooperating in his own demise.

Totalitarian governments love it when people like Chirpich follow this party line because it gives them freedom to take total control. Ask yourself, Mr. Chirpich: Who do you think decides whether or not you have something to hide? Certainly not you. When your government invades your privacy and uses the data it collects for its own devices, it does so, even as it claims it’s for your protection, with the intent to use that information to control you, not to help you.

So, turn the question around: If my government has a legitimate reason to spy on me, why doesn’t it do what the Constitution demands and get a warrant?

Barack Obama, like George W. Bush before him, is eroding our freedom and people like Chirpich are happily helping him do it.