Letters to the Editor

Water needed now

State officials continue to dither about what to do regarding the drought. Everyone in California is in desperate need of large quantities of fresh, clean water.

After nearly 12 years of legal entanglements, the Carlsbad Desalination Project was approved for construction. Once complete, San Diego County will receive 50,000,000 gallons of fresh water, daily. The Carlsbad project uses a site that is easy to build upon, required 6 acres, has an existing intake from the ocean and is adjacent to a power plant soon to be decommissioned.

Can anybody think of any other sites that might fit those site design requirements? We may be in this drought cycle for many years to come. Waiting 12 years for approval on new desalinization projects is completely out of the question. We need to start now to put online as many large scale desalinization plants as possible in order to avoid an impending, uncertain future of water availability.

The government needs to either take the lead in developing alternate water sources, clear a path for others to do so or get the hell out of the way.