Letters to the Editor

Cut deadly waste

Regarding Kenneth Goodman’s Jan. 6 letter “Why shut it down?” in response to Carole Hisasue’s letter of Dec. 24:

Mr. Goodman asks: “The deadly (nuclear) waste has been there (at Diablo Canyon) without incident for how long?” Apparently he deems it safe if it hasn’t caused a catastrophe until now. I wonder if he would judge the safety record of a new car after he had driven it for just a couple of miles? According to the EPA, these wastes remain deadly for 1 million years. Yet they have been produced by Diablo since 1983. You do the math.

The sooner Diablo gets shut down, the less deadly wastes are being created, and the less we are burdening the next 30,000 generations with safeguarding it. Ms. Hisasue got it right.