Letters to the Editor

Glory days gone

What has happened to my United States? In the 1940s we defeated Germany, Japan and Italy in World War II in three years and nine months.

Today, we can’t develop a computer program for health care in more than four years. In the 1950s and 1960s, we built the Interstate Highway System in less time than it would take to prepare the Environmental Impact Reports required today. In the 1960s, we put a man on the moon, and today we pay Russia to take our astronauts to the Space Station.

Prior to having a Department of Education, our school system was the envy of the world, but now our students rank 20th or 30th among developed countries. In the latter 20th century, our manufactured products were the best in the world, but today you have a hard time finding anything even made in the USA.

We have allowed our lives to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats in agencies like the EPA, OSHA, Department of Education, Energy Department, etc.

Our once great nation has deteriorated from its place as the envy of the world to a country that is neither respected nor admired. Our glory days are over.