Letters to the Editor

They’re listening

Recently, I caught the movie, “The Way We Were” on TV. It featured the terrifying McCarthy era — when Communist-hunting officials ruined the careers of many in the entertainment industry. Our hero, Bobby Kennedy, sat right next to McCarthy in those hearings. In one scary scene, a listening device was discovered.

Although one can only speculate as to what inroads Communism has made since those innocent little visits to “Red” meetings, one cannot deny that our government has progressed astronomically in the of realm of surveillance. Yet how different is public perspective? Once horrified at a tiny “bug,” people now trust their government with unlimited monitoring of telephone calls, email, Web searches, drone surveillance from above and cameras in public places. Obamacare is concentrating every citizen’s intensely personal information into one government data base.

It is quite obvious to anyone who is paying attention that while every aspect of our lives is now open to faceless officials, our citizens are being disarmed and police forces expanded. Eighty percent of this country doesn’t seem to remember that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Wake up, America. You’re being spied upon by people you don’t even know, and giving them carte blanche.