Letters to the Editor

Digital libraries

The Guardian tells us that young adult readers prefer printed to e-books. A survey finds that 62 percent of 16- to 24-year-olds prefer traditional books over their digital equivalents.

Running contrary to this preference, The Tribune (Jan. 5) tells us that the Bexar, Texas, BiblioTech public library is all-digital, that others visit it, wanting to take the idea home and that all-digital libraries have been on college campuses for years.

We are such a trendy society that the “librarians” will likely prevail over the readers. A recent cartoon predicts an outcome: Half a dozen young children are staring in wonderment at a strange object in the gutter. All are digitally equipped with iPods, antennaed headsets, iPads, radio-controlled toys. A bolder boy is gingerly poking the object with a stick and asking, “What the hell is it?”

The object is a book.