Letters to the Editor

Beautify away!

I am not surprised to hear the people who drive on our beach and dunes are opposed to the beautification of Grand Avenue and its convention center. The off-roaders wish to keep the Oceano Beach, Dunes and vicinity wild and dirty so they can keep driving all over them unchecked.

I support the beautification, which will bring people who would actually walk, shop and eat in our towns, unlike the offroaders who camp on the beach and dunes, eat the food they bring and leave tons of trash and destruction behind. The convention center means earnings for many different businesses, not only for the few that cater specifically to the offroaders. For the rest of us, there is only the ugliness, the air pollution, the noise level and the sewer they dump for free on the beach or in the dump station.

Furthermore, I also support the beautification of Pier Avenue and Oceano Beach. There also, I would like to see hotels, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and lots of people walking and playing safely and peacefully on the beach.