Letters to the Editor

A poem of thanks

Every year, as a bell ringer well into my second decade, I feel I should publicly make an effort to thank all the generous people who make our bell ringing effort so much fun. This year, I am making that effort to say thank you to all of the wonderful people who cheerfully gave to the cause, and to Richard Margetson who organizes and oversees the program and to Vons and Ralphs markets that allow us to be on their premises. I wrote a poem about behavior a while back that says it for me:

If you sit and examine

All the hours, minutes and seconds

Of your day and find

You have done no harm,

That day is successful ... but

If you find you have done

Something good for someone,

Then that day is noteworthy and

Earns a gold star for that day

On the calendar of your life.

On the day you surrender it

All your stars will be counted.

To the citizens of Baywood Park and Los Osos, we have forged a galaxy of stars that will someday be counted. Thank you.