Letters to the Editor

Ban the bikes

After hearing about the new laws that are to be enforced in 2014 and beyond, being a resident of San Luis Obispo County and residing on Printz Road in Arroyo Grande, I take offense to the new law stating that we vehicle drivers will have to allow bike riders 3 feet clearance when passing.

It is impossible to give any clearance on Printz Road and parts of Oak Park Road, as well as Highway 227. I have come close to hitting these bikes around a few of the no-view curves.

So I, as a taxpayer, say ban the bikes from these roads until they are wide enough. Hey — have the bikers pay for the repairs, as us fishermen need to pay for trout plants at Lopez Lake.

I’m not against bike riders, they have their rights. They complained enough to redo Highway 1 out of Cambria heading north that was already paid for by taxpayers.