Letters to the Editor

The diligent ants

I read Mr. Richard Placak’s letter in the Jan. 5 Tribune, and I am very glad he has had the good sense to arrange for a prosperous retirement.

I did note that he said he has “been retired a long time,” which indicates to me that he probably had a good “womb to tomb” job that provided his 401(k) plan. With guaranteed work, he did not have to worry much about layoffs and redundancies and all those unpleasantries that began to plague much of the U.S. workforce some years ago, as companies merged or moved overseas in order to improve the profit line.

Profit is necessary in our society — unless one has a government job — but seeking excessive profit has laid waste to the dreams of many hardworking citizens. To bring up an ancient Greek fable, I agree that there are too many of Aesop’s grasshoppers who fritter away their future, but there are even more diligent ants who wonder where the next mortgage payment is coming from.