Letters to the Editor

Why shut it down?

Regarding Carole Hisasue’s letter on Diablo Canyon published Dec. 24:

We need to shut it all down? Just because you and your Mothers for Peace have fears that you will suffer a catastrophic nuclear event?

The Fukushima incident was caused by what? More people are killed or maimed by automobiles than nuclear events.

Yes, there was a nuclear event that killed scores of people: “Hiroshima,” — have you heard of it? That was a disaster. I was there in 1951, on my way to Korea. I can still see the former city.

Diablo Canyon has operated safely since inception and will continue to do so. The deadly waste has been there without incident for how long? The people who work there are your neighbors.

Tell you what, if you will move into a cave in the Outback, no running water, no electricity and no phone, I will support your cause.

“Devil’s Canyon” is safe, Ms. Hisasue.