Letters to the Editor

Wrongly placed blame

The article, “Drastic changes in store for retirement,” Dec. 30 from The Associated Press, was a terrible piece of journalism. For starters, the problem with the world economy is the result of too many countries buying into the idea of fiscal austerity, while at the same time eliminating taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

In the United States, paying for simultaneous wars in two countries without raising taxes to pay for them, falling for the austerity hogwash in this country as well, shipping jobs overseas to the detriment of our own workers, enfeebling unions, the gibberish of “trickle down” economics and the proliferation of obstructionist policies by the radical right in Congress certainly has more to do with the country’s financial problems than not.

And finally, blaming the inability of governments and corporations’ lack of desire to provide pensions for people who have worked most of their adult life, and then blaming the worker who may have lost their retirement in the collapse of the 401(k) system for not having saved for retirement is tantamount to having the horse tied up in the barn, setting fire to the barn and then blaming the horse for not getting out before the barn burned down.