Letters to the Editor

Save to retire in style

The Tribune published an excellent article on retirement in the Dec. 30 edition; well done.

It is true that governmental policies and an aging population will make it more difficult to retire in the future; however, the real key to a successful retirement is to live below your means when you are working, save money and invest it. I’m sure this idea will not be popular with today’s instant gratification generation.

I saw examples of this when I was employed. The company I worked for matched a certain percentage of money that one could put into a 401(k) — free money. However, some people wouldn’t even take advantage of this benefit. They did, however, have a large truck in the parking lot and a boat at home. I wonder how well they are living in retirement.

I have been retired a long time, and I live well. The majority of my income comes from money I saved and invested. It worked for me.