Letters to the Editor

Mayor has integrity

I have been watching the potential recall of Morro Bay’s Mayor Jamie Irons unfold.

Some citizens are adamantly for it, some against and some totally confused. Well, I can tell the latter group that what’s happening is merely a reaction to being out of power. Mayor Irons is one of the sincerest people I know, a man of great integrity.

If the issue is about the dismissal of two of the city’s top administrators, I too wish I knew the reasons behind that. But the City Council is constrained by law from revealing personnel issues. I trust the council members I helped elect on this issue. If the issue is about the moving of the wastewater plant, we now know for certain that the Coastal Commission was not going to approve the project that past councils had been pushing.

I cringe at the idea that the proposed year of celebration of Morro Bay’s 50 years as a city might be marred by such an atrocity as the attempt to recall an honest man. Please don’t sign the petition. Ask your friends not to sign. If you have already signed and wish you hadn’t, visit the city clerk to have your name removed.