Letters to the Editor

Valuable service

The board of the People’s Kitchen of San Luis Obispo would like to express our support for our kindred volunteers in Five Cities: the South County People’s Kitchen.

Many of our board members have volunteered for decades and can remember serving our hot noon meal from parking lots in the 1980’s and then on the steps of the Old Mission in the 1990’s. Since 1997, we have been fortunate to have a permanent location for this meal at the Prado Day Center in SLO. Our counterparts in South County have not been as fortunate, and now they struggle to find any location at all to provide this meal. The need is obvious — on average, 100 or more hungry persons are served.

We urge the communities of Five Cities to find at least a temporary solution and then a permanent location for the South County People’s Kitchen, so they can continue their valuable service.