Letters to the Editor

Trust in government

I would like to respond to David Brooks’ column (Dec. 26). He states that “Governing in an age of distrust is different than governing in an age of trust.” He believes that Americans no longer trust their government. When and why did this happen?

Well we had Vietnam, we had Watergate, then 9/11 (why didn’t our government prevent that?). Next, President George W. Bush started two wars without raising taxes to pay for them, which turned a budget surplus into a budget deficit. In my opinion, those wars benefitted neither Afghanistan nor Iraq, and have not made us safer.

Are the people in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and Taiwan smarter and more trusting of their governments? All those countries have universal health care. Those are mandated systems. Everyone pays in, and all receive medical care. In their systems, their longevity rates are higher, their maternal and infant mortality rates are lower and those governments are paying far less than we are for better results. I think the American people need to trust our government on improving our health care delivery, and think not what is best for me, but what is best for all Americans.