Letters to the Editor

Our help is needed

The Christmas Day article about local efforts to assist a Philippine village severely impacted by Typhoon Haiyan was heartwarming. Our help is clearly needed. Since anthropogenic global warming increases the number and severity of extreme weather-related events, we will undoubtedly have many such events in the future. Rebuilding and emergency assistance will continue to be critical. Our city, county, state and national governments must identify ways and resources to mitigate the damage that will be sustained. However, recovery and mitigation efforts will ultimately fail unless we deal with the cause of global warming: excess carbon dioxide caused by burning fossil fuel.

To reduce carbon emissions worldwide, conservation and reduction of fossil fuel use at an individual or corporate level — while important — will never be sufficient. A revenue-neutral carbon tax and dividend program would be an effective way to reduce global carbon emissions and its implementation is supported by economists across the political spectrum. Learn how a revenue-neutral carbon tax and dividend program would lower CO2 emissions at http://www.citizensclimatelobby.org. And, please, help lower global carbon emissions, starting with your own carbon footprint.