Letters to the Editor

Thanks for veterans help

We’d like to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to Hope’s Village and to our “RVs for Veterans” project.

Thanks to our accountant and attorneys who give so freely of their time; to private lodges for helping our homeless veterans; to those who donate handmade hats for winter; to local stores that donate everything from backpacks to shirts to furniture.

Thanks to the Salvation Army, which has welcomed us for our meetings for the past two years; to all those who helped build the model “Cabin on Wheels”; and to companies that contributed lumber, materials and the metal roof!

Thanks to the parts stores that keep on giving and for the piano that will bring music to our village.

Thanks to the 21 people who donated their RVs so vet erans and others may enjoy a home; to the mechanic who has worked tirelessly on our cabin and on vehicles owned by the homeless; and to all who have contributed financially.

During this holiday, may we count our blessings to live in one of the most pristine places in the world, and may we continue to work together so more of our unhoused neighbors can enjoy homes. Thank you all.