Letters to the Editor

A year of progress

Another year is gone, and a new one is beginning. Some good signs have appeared during 2013, but many are not good.

On the positive side are movements for higher wages, immigrant rights, women’s rights and reproductive freedom; a massive outcry against police-state laws and secret police spying on us all; and a widely expressed resistance against the idea of further imperial wars and military interventions.

On the negative side are reactionary moves to suppress voting rights, to further erode a woman’s right to choose, to attack and repress unions, to slander the poor and unemployed, to harass the homeless and to further cut programs and protections for working people, the poor, unemployed, elderly, children, students , veterans, etc.

And there have been numerous violent attacks, by police and civilians, against minority persons and communities, along with threats and rumblings of continuing wars and covert military adventures.

In 2014 and beyond, I urge all genuinely progressive-minded persons to work together to build coalitions and movements for real, deep-going, socio-political transformation and to eventually create a new, independent, mass political party based on the working class and the oppressed, and on all those who are kept down by the ruling plutocracy.