Letters to the Editor

Police certificates

I was taken with Debbie Mitchell’s response on Dec. 23 to my letter, which expressed concern about the San Luis Obispo Police Department program to pull over “good drivers” to give them promotional $15 certificates to Food 4 Less.

Ms. Mitchell obviously values being acknowledged for her driving skills and is not concerned about the stress of being pulled over by a patrol officer, possibly missing an important meeting or appointment, or a relationship between a private business and our government law enforcement agency.

Perhaps a different approach is in order. How about if the officer takes a photo of the good driver’s license plate and mails the certificate through the Postal Service? It would certainly take less SLOPD time, freeing officers to do more law enforcement, which our taxpayer dollars are for.

And to Ms. Mitchell, how sad that you wish me “a lump of coal in my stocking.”

My wish for you is that you find an envelope in your Christmas stocking, sent through the post office, with an enclosed $15 certificate to Food 4 Less for being a good driver.

And to everyone else (including the police officer who may pull me over), a safe, healthy and happy New Year!