Letters to the Editor

Micro units lauded

Market-priced affordable housing ideas for the city of San Luis Obispo have been promoted for years, yet these ideas have been met with silence. No surprise.

One of the many ideas for affordable housing in SLO (where the jobs are) has been micro-apartments, generally defined as being between 300 and 500 square feet — roughly the size of a generous hotel room.

Developers in larger cities across the U.S. are now building these unsubsidized micro units, and their strongest appeal is to those in their 20s and 30s who are willing to give up living space in exchange for decreased rent. They are also popular with the working poor, who are priced out of more traditional rental units in SLO, as well as those looking to decrease their carbon footprint by living near work and being able to use alternate transportation within the city.

Most of these micro-living developments contain “co-living” space in the form of common lobby areas or rooftop patios, which are shared by all tenants. I think this is one of many viable solutions to the affordable housing crisis in SLO that should be looked into right away.