Letters to the Editor

Dickens’ writing a template for SLO

Charles Dickens was a man of keen social conscience, his works portraying the working class during the Industrial Revolution.

His novella, “A Christmas Carol,” is a classic.

Drawing a parallel to our current situation in San Luis Obispo, we have to ask ourselves how some of our community members can deny the needs of those less fortunate, when we’ve been declared “the happiest place.”

Our beautiful town deserves a shelter for the homeless that we can all be proud of. Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter and Prado Day Center are overcrowded, inefficient, inaccessible to many. They lack working kitchens, so many must schlep across town for meals and services.

Now is the time to set aside humbug attitudes and build a facility combining both Maxine Lewis and Prado.

Dickens teaches us that empathy involves an education of the heart and soul.

Giving support to our shelter is a wonderful form of self-improvement. While we care for others, we also improve our community and ourselves.

The hope of sharing 40 Prado Road with the Regional Transit Authority may become a reality, if we all work together.

The site adjacent to Sunset Drive-In is in the early stages of negotiation. CAPSLO is looking for up to 3 acres for a full-service facility. The RTA needs 5 acres. With this partnership, sharing the cost will ease the burden on both agencies. In the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us, every one.”