Letters to the Editor

O’Toole was worthy

Regarding Kathleen Sheridan’s letter of Dec. 20:

I assume Ms. Sheridan has seen a little film called “Lawrence of Arabia.” I also hope she has seen a few of the late Peter O’Toole’s magnificent acting jobs in such films as “Becket,” “The Lion in Winter,” “Goodbye Mr. Chips” and “The Last Emperor.” Yes, it is true that “Mr. O’Toole never did win an Oscar,” while the late Ms. Joan Fontaine won two. I am a fan of Ms. Fontaine, too, but where would her career have been without Alfred Hitchcock? And for you to say, “Peter O’Toole was known more for his odd behavior than his acting skills,” is such an uninformed statement that it doesn’t even warrant a response.

Please, let us not be picky about this perceived “snub.” O’Toole was nominated for eight Oscars and should have won at least two or three — and he was awarded an honorary lifetimeachievement Oscar. But we all know how fair the Oscar voters have been throughout history (i.e. Mr. Hitchcock, once again). “Gender bias?” O’Toole’s “T.E. Lawrence” is one of the most iconic film roles in history. No acting skills, eh?