Letters to the Editor

Fukushima’s lessons

I pray you are not jumping the gun reporting that “Diablo Canyon operated safely during 2013.” (Tribune, Dec. 19). There are still a few days left in 2013.

For most of my life, like many residents of this county, I never imagined that a catastrophic nuclear event could happen close to me. Fukushima taught me about hubris and false assumptions. It taught me that even the unimaginable is possible. One bad day. That’s all it takes.

For all the talk about “lessons from Fukushima,” the NRC and PG&E must not be paying attention or else they are the slowest learners ever.

The real lesson from Fukushima is that we cannot afford another accident . We need to shut it all down.

The only reason why the entire world is not in a panic over the continuing disaster across the Pacific is that we cannot “see” radiation. Unlike oil spills, we don’t have pictures of tar-covered or suffocating marine life. What we have is so much worse, and if one could see it, the nuclear power industry would most likely be dead. Instead, it’s still clunking along, churning out more deadly waste that has nowhere to go but sits there on our fragile coast, exposed and vulnerable. Devil’s Canyon, indeed.