Letters to the Editor

Watchdogs needed

We need government watchdogs. You must care, and you must educate yourself. We are told lies because the “silent majority” is too busy to check them out, and the news media support the lies as they are doing right now. Then lies win. Truth does not matter anymore if there are no “public” watchdogs like the media or you. How many times have you heard, “That could never happen,” or “Why would they do that?”

Way too many times. So residents tell themselves, “I am going to believe in the good nature of man and give them a pass.” Otherwise, I would have to do something!

I recommend that each resident take at least two days off a year and sit in a Board of Supervisors meeting when a controversial issue is being decided. See for yourself. Get local, get involved, learn about what each authoritative board or council has planned for you and your loved ones. I know, and I am extremely concerned. I do not care what political group you are with; if truth and facts are of value to you, I welcome your efforts to protect our beloved Central Coast.