Letters to the Editor

Rebuild the Motel Inn

I was surfing the Internet today, and saw that Yahoo had a news article on the Motel Inn, as it is having a birthday of being the first motel in the world. Why isn’t something being done to get the Motel Inn built again? The city of San Luis Obispo has really let the ball drop on this one. You have one of the most classic landmarks in the world — the first motel — and there is nothing there but a wall. The owners, who own Apple Farm, have promised to rebuild the Motel Inn for years now, and nothing has happened.

I used to wash dishes at the Motel Inn in 1977, while going to Cal Poly. It was a great place where people wanted to stay, have a drink at the bar that had a view of the pool and enjoy a great meal with an oak pit barbecue. Doesn’t the city of San Luis Obispo want more tourism? I bet if you had the first motel in the world, actually there, you would see a lot more tourists stopping by to see it. Come on guys — get with it and start building.