Letters to the Editor

Obamacare coal

Our daughter’s family just received their Obamacare “lump of coal” for Christmas. Her husband’s small-business employer just informed him that their health care premiums will jump by more than 800 percent in 2014, while his company is forced to absorb a six-figure increase in expenses to offer this coverage.

With two kids and a third on the way, they are getting by, making regular mortgage payments and trying to do everything right to attain the American dream. But with a monthly bill that now rivals their mortgage, that dream is but a receding mirage.

President Barack Obama has simply breached his promise to America. Can my daughter’s family keep their existing health care plan like he said they could? No. Is Obamacare “affordable?” Hardly. Good for small business? Nope. Good for the middle class? Not. For someone claiming to be an advocate for the middle class, he couldn’t be doing more to destroy it.

As her family scrambles to find another solution, Obamacare has proven to be one of the most reckless laws ever enacted, with disastrous unintended consequences. President Obama, do you really want to save the middle class as you say? Then fix your law to fit your promises now.