Letters to the Editor

Community kindness

Our family contributes in providing the extra care that some of our down-in-the-luck citizens require. Loaves and Fishes and others receive our donations.

I was personally reminded of this warmth and caring toward others in recent days by the following:

My old car experienced a broken fuel line, and I went to O’Reilly Auto Parts to obtain a replacement. Not only did it have the item in stock, I was provided the item and ushered out of the door with a cheerful, “Merry Christmas,” no cost.

And, I recently completed an eBay transaction for a postcard. Not a large acquisition, mind you, and I had questioned the seller on the price. Not only did he lower the purchase price, he stated he would ship the item at his expense.

Folks, there are many, many kind people in our community. We need to find them and support them.

Happy holidays.