Letters to the Editor

Stopping at signs

I appreciate that many people enjoy — love, even — riding their bicycles. However, I find myself perplexed by a phenomenon I’ve noticed way too often.

I take a walk every morning, and I often see parents riding bicycles to school with their children. Sometimes, the kids are on a tandem bike. Other times, they’re on their own bikes. So far, so good. Wholesome, Earth-friendly, etc. etc. So why, then, is it that these parents never stop at stop signs?

Granted, they’re not on a major street, although Chorro does get pretty busy at 8 a.m. Tell me, don’t the rules of the road apply all the time, traffic or no traffic? What kind of lesson are these doting parents teaching their children, as they sail right through the stop signs?

In general, drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians are becoming more and more careless, if not downright rude. Drivers run yellow lights that turn red when they’re halfway through the intersection; they make U-turns in the middle of a block on a busy street; pedestrians jaywalk and often text as they amble across the street; and, as I mentioned above, bicyclists glide along through stop signs. What’s going on?