Letters to the Editor

Where money goes

Our federal government is the wealthiest and most exorbitant spending conglomerate in the world. Hence, Social Security and health care can be affordable.

Some of the ways the U.S government is blowing your hard-earned money annually are: billions for our world’s police force with 800 military bases; billions in foreign aid bribery to unreliable, corrupt and selfsufficient countries; billions for 500 bureaucratic, duplicative federal departments, agencies, administrations, authorities, commissions and initiatives with frivolous projects and team-building; trillions for the “bailout” beneficiaries and their departed executives, stimulus excesses including failed “green loans” and internal congressional bribery earmarks; billions for 44 White House czars, 22 servants, family vacation excesses and more than 940 executive orders; billions for the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, U.S. Agency for International Development and United Nations; millions for exorbitant congressional recesses, unresolved scandals, transportation excesses, staff benefits and conference excesses; and trillions for printing money, Affordable Care Act modifications and raising the “national debt.”

Yet the Social Security increase is a meager 1.5 percent for 2014, Medicare funding is cut 5 percent and the “Wounded Warrior” receives zero.

Vote during 2014 and beyond to reallocate your money.